Sometimes we need a push, a shove or a jolt to help us along. So here we present some inspiration. This month’s post highlights two incredible artists, Kenji Uranishi and Mira Dancy, working in different mediums and creating work under different cultural conventions. We hope that you find these artists as inspiring as we do.


a-LITC__Momentary_Opening_18-2-16_0100Momentary Exhibit at The Museum of Brisbane 2016

Uranishi left Japan in 2004 to set up a ceramics studio and join his then girlfriend and now wife in Brisbane, Australia. In Japan, he primarily worked in stoneware, but leaving his Japanese cultural expectations behind he started working in porcelain when he landed in his new home.

Uranishi2L: Luminous 2013
R: Momentary 2016

I was especially drawn to Uranishi’s use of pattern. I find the repetition comforting and rich. And although his pieces look architectural, they also walk a fine line of looking very organic as well. His textures and patterns allude to patterns we find in nature. They evoke a dichotomy of looking precious and yet accessible. I want to touch them!

DSC_2178Forgotten Flowers 2011

Tenmaku+collectionTenmaku Lidded Boxes 2016


d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfrontMira Dancy in her studio by Nick Simmons for Artsy

Dancy was born in the UK but is now based in New York. She works primarily on canvas but also creates sculptures, including neon light pieces.  Her work imbues a new feminist ethos that I find empowering, focusing on the strong, sexual and self-loving female nude.

Dancy3L: Blue Flame 2015
R: Pink Moon Water 2014

I love her play with electric colors and graceful lines. It’s no coincidence that I find her work so poetic. “I came to painting from writing poems, and it always was a feeling that these women appeared in the paintings kind of mid-sentence that compelled me to push them further,” Dancy explains. She claims to have been “electrified” by her college art teachers and ended up pursuing painting instead of writing.

Dancy4L: Skin of the Moon 2016
R: Orchid Pose 2015

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