Let me introduce the newest member of the jen e ceramics crew, Antonella!
She is the bomb! A breath of fresh air, a thinker, a task setter, a style savant….
Read on to find out 20 facts about Miss Antonella:

1) I was born in Lima, Peru.
2) My astrological sign is Cancer.
3) I’m 5’2″.
4) I’m a netflix fanatic.
5) I have 2 older sisters.
6) I hate talking about myself, oddly, writing about myself is just as hard, but this is fun.
7) The first thing I do when I wake up is give my dog Mo a big smooch!
8) I don’t like to wait in lines.
9) My real life bestie is my forever boo, Ryan.
10) I’m a bit obsessive about rearranging my home. I can’t stop until it feels right. :/
11) I’ve never been to Machu Picchu. (My family and I are natives of Peru and we came
to the States when I was 3 years old. I’ve gone back to visit, but mostly the city.)
12) I love to watch Seinfeld while cooking.
13) When I was a child, I had an imaginary friend named Wilson.
14) My favorite food is Seco de Carne (Peruvian cilantro beef stew).
15) I rarely ever brush my hair.
16) I’m obsessed with the color rose quartz.
17) My favorite artists are Clare Rojas and Yoshitomo Nara.
18) I admire women who empower other women.
19) I’m curious about developing a green thumb.
20) I (currently) love to listen to MF Doom and Beach Fossils.

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