Made in Los Angeles

A ceramic artist and graphic designer that daydreams about the mountains too much

jen e, born Jennifer Kuroki, is a ceramic artist and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. She has been playing with clay for over 15 years, in L.A. and Japan. Three of those years she spent living and studying ceramics in Yokohama and Tokyo, training to throw on a banding wheel and to man an anagama kiln (wood-burning). Her time in Japan allowed her to develop a whimsical style, most informed by her everyday visual experience. She aims to elevate the mundane and have fun doing it. Her work has become increasingly more animated, incorporating anthropomorphization and bright saturated colors. They are meant to be viewed, used, felt and heard. In addition to being a ceramic artist, jen e has also worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years with a diverse dossier of clients, ranging from Hyundai and The Food Network to the ACLU and the University of Southern California. No matter if she is throwing a bowl or designing an ad, she strives to make her work fun and accessible.

photo: Ashley Lynn Richards

Favored Exercise


Happy Sound

The song of cicadas

Guilty Pleasure

Apple fritters

Choice Color


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