Simple Mindful Picks for Holistic Living


Tenugui is great to carry around and use as a washable napkin or handkerchief. It can also be knotted up as a reusable bag or scarf. It becomes softer and softer with each wash and comes in many different designs. These are hand dyed by a 270-year old artisan dyer, Echigo Kamekonya, from Niigata, Japan. Toiro Kitchen & Supply, $14



Don't know what to do with your empties? Appalachian Wildlife Refuge has a program called Wands for Wildlife. You can donate your used mascara wands, after you've washed them with warm soapy water, to help them clean and save the lives of small animals. Wands for Wildlife



When I started ceramics, I noticed that I didn't breathe when I was throwing on the wheel, pulling up the walls of pots. Then I started to do yoga and it made me realize how much I held my breath, especially when I was concentrating. I truly believe that breathing is a skill, a true act of self-love. It centers. It relieves. It relaxes. I took a meditative breathing class with Ashley one late afternoon in the hills of Topanga Canyon as the sun set. It was a beautiful experience—life changing, actually. Her first book was just released. Get yourself one! How to Breathe, $9.99 (ebook)



Did you know that gum disease is linked to dementia and Alzheimer's disease? Read about it here. Floss yo teeth! I'm kinda obsessed with flossing, so in our house, we use a lot of floss. We hate having to throw away all of that plastic packaging. This set includes a refillable glass container and vegan bamboo floss with activated charcoal. Otherwild General, $9



When I lived in Japan, I heard a lot about dry brushing. It helps with circulation, exfoliation and reduces water retention. It's common to dry brush right before bathing. The brushing/bathing combo is a great way to cleanse the body and refresh the mind. Try dry brushing as part of your bathing ritual. Let us know how it goes. Ulta Beauty, $4.99

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