10 things I’ve been loving these days, plus a bonus!
Are there any products that you can’t live without?

1 Garnier Micellar
I heard about Micellar cleansing water a while ago and was happily surprised by how well it works. When I ran out of makeup wipes, I tried these and they worked like a charm. Love love.

2 LED Bright Stiks
My place doesn’t have many ceiling light fixtures and getting a room bright enough has been a challenge. Enter GE LED Bright Stiks. We found these light bulbs at Target and they have changed our lighting game. They most closely recreate natural light and are a lifesaver. Trust.

3 Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream
When my sister used to work at Sephora, she introduced me to this cream and I’ve loved it ever since. I do alternate between this one, Cetaphil Moisterizing Cream and a couple others but recently this Philosophy one has been my go-to moisterizer.

4 Genmai Cha
I’m a coffee fiend but I also battle insomnia and rarely sleep more than 2.5 hrs/night. It sucks. Instead of coffee I’ve switched to tea, more often than not, different green teas. Genmai Cha is my favorite! It’s green tea with roasted brown rice. Sooo good!

5 Shoe Lift
I’ve had a bunch of back problems for most of my adult life, mostly because of computer use and my ceramics wheel. I’ve visited chiropractors over the years and it was only recently that I got a shoe lift from my newest one. It’s helped so much. Ah-mazing what a difference a little piece of cork can make. Ask your Dr. or Chiropractor for information.

6 Shape Tape
This concealer/highlighter has been a game changer. It wears so natural and really hides dark circles under my eyes. Like I mentioned above, I don’t sleep well and the lack of zzzzs has been wearing itself under my eyes. This product gives full coverage! It’s only available on the Tarte website and at Ulta. Get yourself some!

7 Baby toothbrush
I’m pretty diligent about taking care of my teeth but my dentist told me that my saliva somehow calcifies plaque more than normal. How weird is that? Anyways getting behind my back molars has been an issue so I got a child toothbrush to get back there. It’s been so easy to use. Great tip from my dental hygienist.

8 Dux pencil sharpener
My boyfriend Mike went to NYC earlier this year and brought me back a bunch of great little gifts. This amazing pencil sharpener by Dux was my favorite. I love using wooden pencils rather than mechanical ones and this sharpener is the bomb. Not only does it make the sharpest point but its design is beautiful!

9 Terrace House
I don’t watch a ton of TV, but recently I came across a show on Netflix called Terrace House. I’ve been obsessed. It’s an unscripted reality TV show that’s all in Japanese with the 1st season in Tokyo and the 2nd season in Hawaii. Six strangers live together and are given an awesome house and cars. If anyone decides to leave, a new person is thrown into the mix. I used to live in Tokyo and it makes me miss Japan. It’s a good longing. I dare you to watch!

10 Fitbit
In line with me living sans daily coffee, I have also tried to be more active. I’ve been wearing my fitbit nonstop. It’s fun and entertaining trying to get in those last steps at night. It’s kind of cheating but at least it’s making me more aware of my body. It also monitors my sleep or lack thereof.

11 BONUS Cucumbers (recipe)
I’ve always been kind of apathetic to cucumbers, until recently. I don’t think they have a lot of nutritional value but they are refreshing and crunchy and yummy. An easy way to serve cucumbers is to chop them up and serve them with ripped pieces of umeboshi (salted plum). Click here for another recipe that I’ve been loving.

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