Happy 2015! Upon reflection, I hope everyone is finding themselves exactly where they want to be or are moving in that direction. Keep on keepin’ on.

Lately, I’ve been meeting so many rad people! Since devoting more time to making and less time to clienting, I’ve been meeting some super gifted and gracious makers. There’s so much talent out there!




I’ve followed Linda’s work for a while and was so excited to learn that she was going to be at West Coast Craft last month. After quickly meeting her at the show, we decided to stop at her so very well curated store, Yonder, in Pacifica, CA. And I bought one of her mugs!




I met Melanie at West Coast Craft in 2013 and was also a part of her pop up shop, Nue Market. She is such a bright light and an amazing designer that works primarily in wood and cork. She teaches classes/workshops too!


C.C. BOYCE of Few Bits, Los Angeles, CA


I love wood! And so does C. C. Boyce, a second generation woodworker. It was so nice to meet her at the Potted Artisanal Marketplace last month. If you have a wood challenge, she is ready to take it on. She also makes amazing wood butter that you can use to moisturize your own skin as well as her highly coveted wood pieces.

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